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Product Testing and Purity

Yes, we are sourcing our ingredients from GMP certified companies and all our products are manufactured by GMP certified manufacturers.

Yes, our NMN has been lab-tested by a leading UK laboratory. All our NMN is 100% pharmaceutical grade with the highest purity. Please see below for the lab results for purity, stability and heavy metals analysis.

Purity Report

Stability Report

Heavy Metals Report

Yes, our NR was tested to have around 100% purity by a 3rd party Lab. Please see the report below.

NR Purity Report

Yes, the amount of Beta Glucans and Erinacines was found to be even higher than our targets. Please see the 3rd party report below.

Beta Glucans and Erinacines Ratio

Storage and Stability

NMN will degrade in hot and humid temperatures. We recommend you store your NMN in a refrigerator or very cool environment. We ensure that our NMN is stored in a refrigerated/cool environment throughout the manufacturing process and while awaiting shipment at our storage facilities.

Once opened, liposomal products need to be refrigerated and consumed within 6 weeks. You can store them while waiting in a cool dark place but please make sure its not hot as overheating can affect the integrity. Additionally, do not add the Liposomal to hot drinks or mix in blenders as it will also destroy the integrity of the liposomes.

Maximizing Effectiveness

We recommend NMN powder to be taken in the morning under the tongue since it is absorbed faster and has a higher bioavailability because it is absorbed by the capillaries in your mouth, instead of your stomach like most supplements. It can also be combined with Preservage to boost its effectiveness, as they have a synergistic effect on each other making them more potent when they are used together.

Glutathione works very well with R'Alpha Lipoic and Vitamin C as both help recycle the Glutathione and have a synergetic effect.

The majority of our supplements work best when taken in the morning on an empty stomach. The exceptions are Spermidine, Menocare+, Tocotrienols, and Releaf and Spore Probiotics. These supplements should be taken with a meal or shortly after as this will both maximize their effectiveness and reduce the possibility of gastrointestinal (GI) disturbances.

Product Types and Administration

Both supplements include the same ingredient however, there is a difference in how they are administered. NMN is most effective when taken as powder under the tongue as it is absorbed by the capillaries in your mouth and the GI Tract is bypassed. Many of our customers use the capsule version and they are happy with the results they are receiving.

Both versions of our product works fine as per the feedback from our customers. There are minor differences between the capsule and liquid version. The liquid version has a higher dosage per serving however one bottle finishes around 5 days earlier (25 days) compared to the capsule version, whereas the capsule version has a lower dosage per serving but one bottle lasts slightly longer (30 days). We believe that the choice of liquid or capsule version is a personal decision according to the preference of our customers, as there are no major differences between these products.

Both NR and NMN work to boost NAD+ but they work through different pathways in the cells, as they are one enzymatic step away as the molecules are closely linked. It is felt that NMN might work better in cells and NR better in some other organs.

We generally recommend NMN powder be taken sublingually as this is when we see the best results. Typically, two scoops a day under the tongue will do it, just hold it and let it dissolve. However, if this taste is not for you then the NR Delayed Release capsules would be stronger than mixing the NMN in water.

On occasion, when customers have not experienced the desired results with NMN, they have reverted to NR and have seen positive results.

Taste and Preferences

Some people may find the taste of Glutathione too strong. We recommend mixing it with cold water or juice to soften the taste. Liquid liposomal products should never be mixed in hot liquids or blended, as this will disintegrate the liposomes.

Product Composition

All of our products are vegan with the exceptions of Superba Krill Oil, Tocotrienols, Phytoceramides (Lipowheat), and Mitochondrial CoQ10.

Shipping and Duties

We ship to various destinations worldwide, but there are some exceptions such as South America, Africa, The Caribbean, Tenerife (we do ship to the rest of Spain), China and Hong Kong.

Please be informed that for orders outside the UK and EU, you will be responsible for covering any applicable import taxes and duties. Youth & Earth will not take responsibility to pay custom taxes.