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At Youth & Earth, we don’t just navigate the journey of healthy ageing for ourselves; we’re conscious of what it takes to help our planet age healthily too, making sure that every step we take is a gentle footprint on Earth. We believe in accountability, not just to our customers but to our planet, making sure that our practices reflect our commitment to sustainability.

Conscious Packaging for a Healthier Planet

Recyclable Pouches:Our capsule and softgel products have found a home in recyclable pouches, a conscious shift from glass jars. These pouches are not only smaller and letterbox-friendly, but are also lighter, allowing our transportation to be minimised which means less CO2 emissions. Less glass also means less fillers and internal packing is needed in our parcels – so we can step away from styrofoam peanut fillers, and closer to both a reduced carbon footprint and minimal plastic. While our new pouches may be recyclable at home, we encourage you to check your local kerbside recycling information or utilise your local supermarket’s handy recycling facilities. One extra thing: our pouches are also printed with water-based ink to ensure recyclability, as we know some inks can’t be recycled.

Glass Bottles for Liposomal Liquids:Preserving our Liposomal liquids is so important for making sure they stay effective and in the format we want to present them to you in. That’s why they’ll continue to be housed in glass bottles, ensuring their integrity and quality is maintained. And you know what? They look great, too.

Eco-Friendly Outer Packaging: Our products are shipped in recyclable cardboard boxes, perfectly and carefully cut to size to minimise space and weight during transportation. Designed with convenience and sustainability in mind, our boxes seal without the need for plastic tape and are easily opened with a tear strip. Easier for you, easier for the planet.

Our Promise

Our journey towards sustainability is ever-evolving – and as we continue to grow, we pledge to always seek out and implement practices that are in harmony with our environment. Together, let’s step ever lightly, age healthily, and take care of our Earth.

Our Partners

On our mission to make the world a better place, we’re also conscious of who we partner with. We encourage you to leave reviews on our products through Feefo – and it’s not just to help share the word of Youth & Earth. Feefo (the world’s largest verified buyer reviews platform) recently launched its own feature, ‘Treefo’, which rewards customers who leave feedback by funding tree-planting projects in return. By leaving a review of one of our supplements, you’ll help to restore landscapes in local communities and tackle climate change. We've committed to funding 50 trees a month, so that we can make a real difference in ecosystems around the world.